Premium GPL WordPress Plugins Repository

We are currently hosting 430+ premium WordPress plugins with GPL License worth over $20,000 on our repository. Download them below.

Premium Plugins By PippinPlugins (AffiliateWP)

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
AffiliateWP Affiliate Area Tabs Addon1.1.610/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Affiliate Area Shortcodes Addon 1.1.510/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Affiliate Dashboard Sharing Premium Addon 1.1.310/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms Premium Addon1.0.1510/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Affiliate Forms for Ninja Forms Premium Addon1.1.810/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Affiliate Info Addon 1.0.52/9/2018Download
AffiliateWP Affiliate Landing Pages Addon1.0.22/9/2018Download
AffiliateWP Affiliate Product Rates Addon 1.010/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Allowed Products Addon 1.1.110/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Allow Own Referrals Addon 1.0.210/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Checkout Referrals Addon 1.010/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Custom Affiliate Slugs Premium Addon1.0.110/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Direct Link Tracking Premium Addon1.110/10/20188Download
AffiliateWP External Referral Links Addon 1.0.210/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Force Pending Referrals Addon 1.010/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP GetResponse Addon1.2.010/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Leaderboard Addon 1.010/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions Addon 1.2.510/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Mailchimp Addon1.1.010/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Order Details For Affiliates Addon 1.1.410/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP PayPal Payouts Addon 1.1.910/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Pushover Notifications Premium Addon1.0.210/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Recurring Referrals Premium Addon1.6.410/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP REST API Extended Premium Addon1.0.210/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Show Affiliate Coupons Addon 1.0.710/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Sign up Bonus Addon 1.010/10/20188Download
AffiliateWP Signup Referrals Premium Addon1.0.110/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Tiered Affiliate Rates Addon 1.110/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP WooCommerce Redirect Affiliates Addon 1.010/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin2.1.910/10/2018Download
AffiliateWP Zapier Premium Addon1.1.110/10/2018Download

Premium Plugins By BeaverBuilder

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
Beaver Builder Child Theme1.0.011/26/2018Download
Beaver Builder - PowerPack2.6.8.311/26/2018Download
Beaver Builder Professional WordPress Plugin2.1.6.311/26/2018Download
Beaver Builder Theme1.6.41/16/2018Download
Beaver Builder Themer1.2.1.111/26/2018Download
Beaver Builder Ultimate Addon1.13.211/26/2018Download
WooPack for Beaver Builder1.3.4.311/26/2018Download

Premium Plugins By CodeCanyon

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
Actionable Google Analytics3.2.26/10/2018Download
ADS PRO – Multi-Purpose WordPress Ad Manager4.2.7.112/8/2018Download
Aelia Tax Display by Country for WooCommerce1.9.7.17091210/23/2017Download
Ajax Search Pro4.13.39/3/2018Download
Astero WordPress Weather Plugin1.3.410/23/2017Download
Auto Post Thumbnail PRO1.6.110/23/2017Download
Awesome Gallery2.1.1710/23/2017Download
Bundle Rate Shipping Module for WooCommerce2.0.310/23/2017Download
DP Article Social Share1.3.410/23/2017Download
DZS Scroller Gallery1.4110/23/2017Download
DZS ZoomFolio WordPress Portfolio4.8010/23/2017Download
Hide My WP5.5.66/10/2018Download
Recover Abandoned Cart20.09/3/2018Download
Revolution Slider5.4.812/8/2018Download
Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit1.6.49/3/2018Download
WordPress Auto Spinner - Post Rewriter3.4.09/3/2018Download

Premium Plugins By DownloadMonitor

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
Download Monitor - Advanced Access Manager WordPress Plugin 1.2.01/13/2018Download
Download Monitor - Amazon S3 WordPress Plugin 2.3.22/9/2018Download
Download Monitor - Captcha WordPress Plugin4.1.04/20/2018Download
Download Monitor - CSV Exporter WordPress Plugin 1.1.11/13/2018Download
Download Monitor - CSV Importer WordPress Plugin 1.4.11/13/2018Download
Download Monitor - Download Duplicator WordPress Plugin 1.0.11/13/2018Download
Download Monitor - Downloading Page WordPress Plugin 1.0.21/13/2018Download
Download Monitor - Email Lock WordPress Plugin 1.3.22/9/2018Download
Download Monitor - Email Notification WordPress Plugin 4.1.24/20/2018Download
Download Monitor - Google Drive WordPress Plugin 1.1.01/13/2018Download
Download Monitor - Gravity Forms Extension WordPress Plugin 1.3.12/9/2018Download
Download Monitor - MailChimp Lock WordPress Plugin1.2.12/9/2018Download
Download Monitor - Ninja Forms Extension WordPress Plugin 1.6.12/9/2018Download
Download Monitor - Page Addon WordPress Plugin 4.1.02/20/2018Download
Download Monitor - Terms and Conditions WordPress Plugin 1.0.01/13/2018Download
Download Monitor - Twitter Lock WordPress Plugin 1.0.01/13/2018Download
Download Monitor - WordPress Plugin 4.0.32/20/2018Download

Premium Plugins By EasyDigitalDownloads

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
Easy Digital Downloads WordPress Plugin2.9.15/5/2018Download
EDD - Acquisition Survey WordPress Plugin1.0.21/6/2018Download
EDD - ActiveCampaign WordPress Plugin1.1.16/24/2018Download
EDD - Additional Shortcodes WordPress Plugin1.41/6/2018Download
EDD - Advanced Sequential Order Numbers1.0.61/6/2018Download
EDD - Amazon S3 WordPress Plugin2.3.81/6/2018Download
EDD - Audio Player WordPress Plugin1.4.41/6/2018Download
EDD - Gateway WordPress Plugin1.1.11/6/2018Download
EDD - Auto Register WordPress Plugin1.3.91/6/2018Download
EDD - AWeber WordPress Plugin2.0.76/24/2018Download
EDD - Braintree WordPress Plugin1.1.51/6/2018Download
EDD - Checkout Fields Manager WordPress Plugin2.1.43/8/2018Download
EDD - Check Payment Gateway WordPress Plugin1.3.21/6/2018Download
EDD - Clickatell Connect WordPress Plugin1.0.31/6/2018Download
EDD - ClickBank Gateway WordPress Plugin1.3.11/6/2018Download
EDD - Clockwork Connect WordPress Plugin1.1.31/6/2018Download
EDD - Coinbase WordPress Plugin1.15/5/2018Download
EDD - Coming Soon WordPress Plugin1.3.21/6/2018Download
EDD - Commissions WordPress Plugin3.4.51/16/2018Download
EDD - Compare Products WordPress Plugin1.1.37/8/2018Download
EDD - Conditional Emails WordPress Plugin1.1.01/6/2018Download
EDD - Conditional Gateways WordPress Plugin1.0.31/6/2018Download
EDD - Conditional Success Redirects WordPress Plugin1.1.31/6/2018Download
EDD - Constant Contact WordPress Plugin11/6/2018Download
EDD - Content Restriction WordPress Plugin2.2.51/6/2018Download
EDD - ConvertKit WordPress Plugin1.0.51/6/2018Download
EDD - Coupon Importer WordPress Plugin1.1.21/6/2018Download
EDD - Cross-sell - Upsell WordPress Plugin1.1.61/6/2018Download
EDD - Custom Deliverables WordPress Plugin1.0.112/12/2017Download
EDD - Digital Badge WordPress Plugin11/6/2018Download
EDD - Disable Purchase Receipt WordPress Plugin11/6/2018Download
EDD - Discounts Pro WordPress Plugin1.4.81/6/2018Download
EDD - Discount Widget WordPress Plugin1.0.21/6/2018Download
EDD - Download Email Attachments WordPress Plugin1.1.11/6/2018Download
EDD - Download Images WordPress Plugin1.21/6/2018Download
EDD - Downloads As Services WordPress Plugin1.0.61/6/2018Download
EDD - Duplicate Downloads WordPress Plugin1.0.11/6/2018Download
EDD - Empty Cart WordPress Plugin1.0.21/6/2018Download
EDD - External Products WordPress Plugin1.1.01/6/2018Download
EDD - Favorites WordPress Plugin1.0.71/6/2018Download
EDD - Featured Downloads WordPress Plugin1.0.310/22/2017Download
EDD - FirstData Gateway WordPress Plugin1.0.31/6/2018Download
EDD - Free Downloads WordPress Plugin2.3.36/24/2018Download
EDD - Free Download Text WordPress Plugin1.0.11/6/2018Download
EDD - Frontend Submissions WordPress Plugin2.6.25/5/2018Download
EDD - Gateway Fees WordPress Plugin1.5.22/9/2018Download
EDD - Geckoboard WordPress Plugin1.0.01/6/2018Download
EDD - GetResponse WordPress Plugin2.1.46/24/2018Download
EDD - Gravity Forms Checkout WordPress Plugin1.5.11/6/2018Download
EDD - Hide Download WordPress Plugin1.2.81/6/2018Download
EDD - Invoices WordPress Plugin1.1.51/6/2018Download
EDD - Lock Downloads to IP WordPress Plugin11/6/2018Download
EDD - MailChimp WordPress Plugin3.0.97/8/2018Download
EDD - MailPoet WordPress Plugin1.3.31/6/2018Download
EDD - Manual Purchases WordPress Plugin2.0.41/6/2018Download
EDD - MaxMind WordPress Plugin1.11/6/2018Download
EDD - Message WordPress Plugin1.11/6/2018Download
EDD - PagSeguro Payment Gateway WordPress Plugin1.4.51/6/2018Download
EDD - Password Meter WordPress Plugin1.2.11/6/2018Download
EDD - PayPal Website Payments Pro and PayPal Express Gateway WordPress Plugin1.4.2.61/6/2018Download
EDD - Payza Payment Gateway WordPress Plugin1.0.51/6/2018Download
EDD - PDF Invoices WordPress Plugin2.2.201/6/2018Download
EDD - Per Product Emails WordPress Plugin1.1.41/6/2018Download
EDD - Prevent Checkout WordPress Plugin1.0.11/6/2018Download
EDD - Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin11/6/2018Download
EDD - Purchase Gravatars WordPress Plugin1.0.310/22/2017Download
EDD - Purchase Limit WordPress Plugin1.2.191/6/2018Download
EDD - Purchase Rewards WordPress Plugin1.11/6/2018Download
EDD - Pushover Notifications WordPress Plugin1.31/6/2018Download
EDD - QR Code WordPress Plugin1.1.11/6/2018Download
EDD - Recently Viewed Items WordPress Plugin1.0.21/6/2018Download
EDD - Checkout WordPress Plugin1.2.31/6/2018Download
EDD - Recurring Payments WordPress Plugin2.7.276/24/2018Download
EDD - Restrict Content Pro Member Discounts WordPress Plugin1.1.41/6/2018Download
EDD - Reviews WordPress Plugin2.1.85/5/2018Download
EDD - Simple Shipping WordPress Plugin2.3.65/5/2018Download
EDD - Social Discounts WordPress Plugin2.11/6/2018Download
EDD - SofortBanking WordPress Plugin11/6/2018Download
EDD - Software Licensing WordPress Plugin3.5.231/6/2018Download
EDD - Store Hours WordPress Plugin1.0.11/6/2018Download
EDD - Stripe Payment Gateway WordPress Plugin2.6.167/8/2018Download
EDD - Terms Per Product WordPress Plugin1.0.612/12/2017Download
EDD - Theme Updater WordPress Plugin1.0.01/6/2018Download
EDD - Upload File WordPress Plugin2.1.21/6/2018Download
EDD - User History1.6.01/6/2018Download
EDD - UserPro Embed WordPress Plugin1.0.01/6/2018Download
EDD - Variable Pricing Descriptions WordPress Plugin1.0.31/6/2018Download
EDD - Variable Pricing Switcher WordPress Plugin1.0.512/12/2017Download
EDD - Volume Discounts WordPress Plugin1.3.11/6/2018Download
EDD - Wallet WordPress Plugin1.1.41/6/2018Download
EDD - Widgets Pack WordPress Plugin1.2.61/6/2018Download
EDD - Wish Lists WordPress Plugin1.1.61/6/2018Download

Premium Plugins By ElegantThemes

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
Elegant Themes Anticipate WordPress Plugin 1.7.11/15/2018Download
Elegant Themes Bloom WordPress Plugin 1.3.49/30/2018Download
Elegant Themes Divi Booster WordPress Plugin2.7.37/8/2018Download
Elegant Themes Divi Builder WordPress Plugin 2.159/30/2018Download
Elegant Themes Elegant Builder WordPress Plugin 2.41/15/2018Download
Elegant Themes Elegant Shortcodes WordPress Plugin 3.01/15/2018Download
Elegant Themes Handheld WordPress Plugin 1.3.11/15/2018Download
Elegant Themes Monarch WordPress Plugin 1.4.59/30/2018Download

Premium Plugins By ElliotCondon

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
Elliot Cordon Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Flexible Content Addon 1.1.005/05/2018Download
Elliot Cordon Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Gallery Field Addon 1.1.105/05/2018Download
Elliot Cordon Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Options Page Addon 1.205/05/2018Download
Elliot Cordon Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro WordPress Plugin 5.5.58/20/2018Download
Elliot Cordon Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Repeater Field Addon 1.1.105/05/2018Download

Premium Plugins By GraphPaperPress

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
Graph Paper Press Sell Media Access Control Addon 1.19/3/2018Download
Graph Paper Press Sell Media Add Bulk Addon 2.1.208/24/2017Download
Graph Paper Press Sell Media Commissions Addon 2.0.69/3/2018Download
Graph Paper Press Sell Media Discount Codes Addon 2.1.59/3/2018Download
Graph Paper Press Sell Media Free Downloads Addon 2.1.29/3/2018Download
Graph Paper Press Sell Media Magnifier Addon 2.0.19/3/2018Download
Graph Paper Press Sell Media Mailchimp Addon 2.09/3/2018Download
Graph Paper Press Sell Media Model Release Addon 1.19/3/2018Download
Graph Paper Press Sell Media Reprints Addon 2.1.89/3/2018Download
Graph Paper Press Sell Media S3 Addon 2.1.49/3/2018Download
Graph Paper Press Sell Media Stripe Addon 2.1.79/3/2018Download
Graph Paper Press Sell Media Watermark Addon 2.0.49/3/2018Download
Graph Paper Press Sell Media WordPress Plugin 2.4.19/3/2018Download

Premium Plugins By iThemes

NameVersionLast UpdateLink
iThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin8.3.1.111/26/2018Download
iThemes Security Pro WordPress Plugin5.5.411/26/2018Download

Premium Plugins By MainWP

File NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
MainWP Advanced Uptime Monitor4.47/8/2018Download
MainWP Article Uploader1.1.011/14/2017Download
MainWP Backup WordPress1.4.011/14/2017Download
MainWP BackWPUp1.2.011/14/2017Download
MainWP BlogVault Backup1.2.011/14/2017Download
MainWP Boilerplate Extension2.8.011/14/2017Download
MainWP Branding2.1.17/8/2018Download
MainWP Broken Links Checker1.3.011/14/2017Download
MainWP Buddy Extension1.3.01/16/2018Download
MainWP Bulk Settings1.2.011/14/2017Download
MainWP Clean and Lock1.3.011/14/2017Download
MainWP Client Reports2.1.21/16/2018Download
MainWP Clone Extension1.0.011/14/2017Download
MainWP Code Snippets1.1.01/16/2018Download
MainWP Comments1.3.011/14/2017Download

Premium Plugins By MemberPress

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
MemberPress Active Campaign WordPress Plugin 1.0.41/13/2018Download
MemberPress Are You A Human WordPress Plugin 1.0.111/13/2018Download
MemberPress AWeber WordPress Plugin 1.0.51/13/2018Download
MemberPress AWS WordPress Plugin 1.3.32/27/2018Download
MemberPress BuddyPress Integration WordPress Plugin 1.0.82/9/2018Download
MemberPress Campaign Monitor WordPress Plugin 1.0.21/13/2018Download
MemberPress Constant Contact WordPress Plugin 1.0.21/13/2018Download
MemberPress ConvertKit WordPress Plugin 1.1.11/13/2018Download
MemberPress Corporate Accounts WordPress Plugin 1.4.65/14/2018Download
MemberPress Delightful Downloads WordPress Plugin 1.0.21/13/2018Download
MemberPress Developer Edition WordPress Plugin 1.3.345/14/2018Download
MemberPress Developer Tools WordPress Plugin 1.1.135/14/2018Download
MemberPress Drip - Tags WordPress Plugin 1.0.11/13/2018Download
MemberPress Drip WordPress Plugin 1.0.21/13/2018Download
MemberPress GetResponse WordPress Plugin 1.0.41/13/2018Download
MemberPress HelpScout WordPress Plugin 1.0.71/13/2018Download
MemberPress Importer WordPress Plugin 1.4.11/13/2018Download
MemberPress Mad Mimi WordPress Plugin 1.0.21/13/2018Download
MemberPress MailChimp 3.0 WordPress Plugin 1.1.61/13/2018Download
MemberPress MailPoet WordPress Plugin 1.1.01/13/2018Download
MemberPress Mailrelay WordPress Plugin 1.0.51/13/2018Download
MemberPress Mailster WordPress Plugin 1.0.11/13/2018Download
MemberPress Math CAPTCHA WordPress Plugin 1.1.41/13/2018Download
MemberPress Sendy WordPress Plugin 1.0.51/13/2018Download
MemberPress Sensei WordPress Plugin 1.0.21/13/2018Download
MemberPress User Roles WordPress Plugin 1.0.21/13/2018Download
MemberPress WooCommerce WordPress Plugin 1.0.42/9/2018Download

Premium Plugins By ModernTribes

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
Modern Tribe Event Tickets Plus WordPress Plugin 4.7.14/10/2018Download
Modern Tribe The Events Calender Community Events Addon 4.5.104/10/2018Download
Modern Tribe The Events Calender Community Events Tickets Addon 4.5.44/10/2018Download
Modern Tribe The Events Calender Eventbrite Tickets Addon
Modern Tribe The Events Calender Facebook Events Addon 4.28/25/2018Download
Modern Tribe The Events Calender Filter Bar Addon 4.4.26/1/2018Download
Modern Tribe The Events Calender iCal Importer Addon
Modern Tribe The Events Calender PRO WordPress Plugin

Premium Plugins By MonsterInsights

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
MonsterInsights Ads Addon1.0.37/3/2017Download
MonsterInsights AMP Addon1.1.07/3/2017Download
MonsterInsights Dimensions Addon1.0.77/3/2017Download
MonsterInsights eCommerce Addon7.0.27/3/2017Download
MonsterInsights Facebook Instant Articles Addon1.0.07/3/2017Download
MonsterInsights Forms Tracking Addon1.0.07/3/2017Download
MonsterInsights Google Optimize Addon1.0.07/3/2017Download
MonsterInsights Performance Addon1.2.07/3/2017Download
MonsterInsights Pro Google Analytics Plugin6.2.07/3/2017Download

Premium Plugins By OboxThemes

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
OboxThemes Easygram WordPress Plugin 1.0.107/11/2018Download
OboxThemes Launchpad WordPress Plugin 1.0.707/11/2018Download
OboxThemes Obox Mobile WordPress Plugin 2.0.307/22/2018Download
OboxThemes Social Commerce WordPress Plugin 1.3.407/22/2018Download

Premium Plugins By RocketGenius

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
Gravity Forms Active Campaign Addon1.4.54/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Agile CRM Addon1.1.44/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Authorize net Addon2.3.31/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms AWeber Addon2.61/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Batchbook Addon1.2.11/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Breeze Addon1.2.12/20/2018Download
Gravity Forms Campaign Monitor Addon3.6.34/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Campfire Addon1.21/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Capsule CRM Addon1.2.24/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Chained Selects Addon1.0.93/31/2018Download
Gravity Forms CleverReach Addon1.3.64/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms CLI WordPress Plugin1.0-beta-61/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Coupons Addon2.61/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Dropbox Addon2.0.52/20/2018Download
Gravity Forms Emma Addon1.2.57/24/2018Download
Gravity Forms Freshbooks Addon2.5.11/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms GetResponse Addon1.1.34/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Help Scout Addon1.4.64/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Highrise Addon1.2.32/20/2018Download
Gravity Forms HipChat Addon1.1.11/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms iContact Addon1.21/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Logging AddOn1.31/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Mad Mimi Addon1.1.21/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Mailchimp Addon4.2.52/20/2018Download
Gravity Forms Partial Entries Addon1.2.17/24/2018Download
Gravity Forms Paypal Payments Pro Addon2.2.11/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Paypal Payments Standard Addon2.81/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Paypal Pro Addon1.7.21/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Pipe Addon1.14/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Polls Addon3.1.21/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Quiz Addon3.1.61/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms REST API Addon2.0-rc-11/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Signature Addon3.3.41/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Slack Addon1.61/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Stripe Addon2.5.47/23/2018Download
Gravity Forms Survey Addon3.21/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Trello Addon1.2.11/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Twilio Addon2.31/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms User Registration Addon3.9.57/24/2018Download
Gravity Forms Webhooks Addon1.1.53/31/2018Download
Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin2.2.5.211/27/2018Download
Gravity Forms Zapier Addon2.1.31/10/2018Download
Gravity Forms Zoho CRM Addon1.41/10/2018Download

Premium Plugins By Softly (WP All Import)

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
Soflyy WP All Export Pro Premium WordPress Plugin1.5.110/16/2018Download
Soflyy WP All Import Pro Advanced Custom Fields Addon3.1.510/16/2018Download
Soflyy WP All Import Pro Link Cloaking Addon1.1.010/16/2018Download
Soflyy WP All Import Pro Premium WordPress Plugin4.5.010/16/2018Download
Soflyy WP All Import Pro User Import Addon1.0.910/16/2018Download
Soflyy WP All Import Pro WooCommerce Addon2.3.710/3/2018Download

Premium Themes By Plugins

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
Themify Announcement Bar WordPress Plugin1.2.410/10/2018Download
Themify Builder AB Image Addon1.1.110/10/2018Download
Themify Builder Audio Addon1.1.610/10/2018Download
Themify Builder Bar Chart Addon1.0.710/10/2018Download
Themify Builder BG Video Slider Addon1.0.512/18/2017Download
Themify Builder Button Addon1.2.28/27/2018Download
Themify Builder Contact Addon1.2.35/29/2018Download
Themify Builder Content Restriction Addon1.0.711/7/2018Download
Themify Builder Countdown Addon1.1.110/10/2018Download
Themify Builder Counter Addon1.1.510/10/2018Download
Themify Builder FitText Addon1.1.210/10/2018Download
Themify Builder Image Pro Addon1.2.410/10/2018Download
Themify Builder Infinite Background Addon1.0.910/10/2018Download
Themify Builder Infinite Posts Addon1.0.510/10/2018Download
Themify Builder Maps Pro Addon1.2.67/27/2018Download
Themify Builder Pointers Addon1.1.57/18/2018Download
Themify Builder Pricing Table Addon1.1.25/29/2018Download
Themify Builder Progress Bar Addon1.1.310/10/2018Download
Themify Builder Slider Pro Addon1.2.12/27/2018Download
Themify Builder Slideshow Addon1.0.51/16/2018Download
Themify Builder Tiles Addon1.3.710/10/2018Download
Themify Builder Timeline Addon1.1.41/10/2018Download
Themify Builder Typewriter Addon1.0.710/10/2018Download
Themify Builder WooCommerce Addon1.2.35/29/2018Download
Themify Builder WordPress Plugin2.2.55/29/2018Download
Themify Post Type Builder Extra Fields Addon1.3.44/10/2018Download
Themify Post Type Builder Map View Addon1.1.510/10/2018Download
Themify Post Type Builder Relation Addon1.1.310/10/2018Download
Themify Post Type Builder Search Addon1.1.94/19/2018Download
Themify Post Type Builder Submissions Addon1.2.64/19/2018Download
Themify Post Type Builder WordPress Plugin1.4.510/10/2018Download
Themify Tiles WordPress Plugin1.1.510/10/2018Download

Premium Plugins By ThriveThemes

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
Thrive Apprentice2.1.21/19/2019Download
Thrive Architect (previously Thrive Content Builder)2.1.91/19/2019Download
Thrive Clever Widgets1.3511/24/2018Download
Thrive Comments1.2.11/19/2019Download
Thrive Headline Optimizer1.1.191/19/2019Download
Thrive Leads2.1.21/19/2019Download
Thrive Optimize 1.2.11/19/2019Download
Thrive Ovation2.1.11/19/2019Download
Thrive Quiz Builder2.1.21/19/2019Download
Thrive Ultimatum2.1.21/19/2019Download

Premium Plugins By WooThemes

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
WooThemes Sensei LMS BadgeOS Addon1.0.46/22/2018Download
WooThemes Sensei LMS Certificates Addon1.0.166/22/2018Download
WooThemes Sensei LMS Content Drip Addon1.0.86/22/2018Download
WooThemes Sensei LMS WordPress Plugin1.9.179/8/2018Download
WooThemes WooSlider WordPress Plugin2.4.29/8/2018Download
WooThemes Sensei LMS Course Participants Addon1.1.36/22/2018Download
WooThemes Sensei LMS Course Progress Addon1.0.66/22/2018Download
WooThemes Sensei LMS Share Your Grade Addon1.0.36/22/2018Download

Premium Plugins By WP Multi-Lingual

File NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
WP Multi-Lingual Advanced Custom Fields Add-on 0.610/12/2018Download
WP Multi-Lingual - BuddyPress Multilingual Add-on1.5.66/10/2018Download
WP Multi-Lingual CMS Navigation Addon 1.4.236/10/2018Download
WP Multi-Lingual CMS Premium WordPress Plugin 4.0.79/30/2018Download
WP Multi-Lingual Compatibility Test Tools Addon 1.0.110/12/2018Download
WP Multi-Lingual Gravity Forms Multilingual Addon 1.3.176/10/2018Download
WP Multi-Lingual Media Translation Addon 2.3.79/30/2018Download
WP Multi-Lingual Page Builders Add-on 1.1.310/12/2018Download
WP Multi-Lingual Sticky Links Addon 1.4.46/10/2018Download
WP Multi-Lingual String Translation Addon 2.8.79/30/2018Download
WP Multi-Lingual Translation Analytics Addon 1.0.710/12/2018Download
WP Multi-Lingual Translation Management Addon 2.6.79/30/2018Download
WP Multi-Lingual - WP All Import Addon2.0.89/30/2018Download
WP Multi-Lingual XLIFF Addon 0.9.710/12/2018Download

Premium Plugins By WPMU DEV

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
WPMU DEV AB Theme Testing WordPress Plugin 1.3.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Add Existing Users WordPress Plugin 1.2.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Add New Users WordPress Plugin 1.0.811/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Admin Ads WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Admin Help Content WordPress Plugin 2.0.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Admin Panel Tips WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Ad Sharing WordPress Plugin 1.2.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Ad Widget WordPress Plugin 2.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Affiliates WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Anti-Splog WordPress Plugin 2.2.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Appointments+ WordPress Plugin2.3.16/10/2018Download
WPMU DEV Autoblog WordPress Plugin 4.1.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Automessage WordPress Plugin 2.4.411/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Avatars WordPress Plugin 4.1.811/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Batch Create WordPress Plugin 1.5.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Blog Activity WordPress Plugin 1.1.611/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Blog and User Creator WordPress Plugin 2.311/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Blogs Directory WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV BuddyPress Activity Plus WordPress Plugin 1.6.511/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV BuddyPress Group Calendar WordPress Plugin 1.4.611/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV BuddyPress Group Email WordPress Plugin 1.0.611/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Chat WordPress Plugin 2.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Classifieds WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Clean Up The Dashboard WordPress Plugin 1.0.311/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Cloner WordPress Plugin 1.7.511/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Comment Form Text WordPress Plugin 1.0.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Comment Indexer WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Comments Control WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Comments Plus WordPress Plugin 1.6.711/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Communities WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Contact Widget WordPress Plugin 2.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV CoursePress Pro WordPress Plugin 2.2.06/10/2018Download
WPMU DEV Custom Admin Bar WordPress Plugin 1.3.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Custom Admin Text WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Custom Google Search WordPress Plugin 1.2.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV CustomPress WordPress Plugin 1.3.7-beta11/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Custom Sidebars Pro WordPress Plugin 3.1.66/10/2018Download
WPMU DEV Dashboard Feeds WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Default Theme WordPress Plugin 1.0.411/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Domain Mapping WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV e-Newsletter WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Easy Blogging WordPress Plugin 3.3.411/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Events Plus WordPress Plugin 1.9.511/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Floating Social WordPress Plugin 1.7.511/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Footer Content WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Forminator Pro WordPress Plugin1.0.66/10/2018Download
WPMU DEV Forums WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Friends WordPress Plugin 1.3.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Fundraising WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Global Authors Comments Feed WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Global Authors Post Feed WordPress Plugin 3.0.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Global Site Search WordPress Plugin 3.2.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Global Site Tags WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Global Theme Switcher WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Google Analytics Plus WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Google Maps WordPress Plugin 2.9.311/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Google Plus WordPress Plugin 1.4.311/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV HTML Email Templates WordPress Plugin 2.0.611/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV In Post Ads WordPress Plugin 1.5.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Integrated Video Tutorials WordPress Plugin 1.5.311/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Invite WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Jobs and Experts WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Live Stream Widget WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Lock Posts WordPress Plugin 1.1.611/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Login Message WordPress Plugin 1.0.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Login Redirect WordPress Plugin 1.0.911/13/2017Download
WPMUDEV Logout Redirect WordPress Plugin 1.1.411/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV MailChimp Integration WordPress Plugin 1.9.311/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV MarketPress eCommerce WordPress Plugin 3.2.411/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Mass Email Sender WordPress Plugin 1.7.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Members Directory WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Membership 2 Pro WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Messaging WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Moderation WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Monitor Content WordPress Plugin 1.411/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Multi-DB WordPress Plugin 3.2.511/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Multi-Domains WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Multisite Content Copier WordPress Plugin 1.5.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Multisite Privacy WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Multisite Sitemaps WordPress Plugin 1.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Multisite Theme Manager WordPress Plugin 1.1.311/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV New Blog Templates WordPress Plugin 2.8.511/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Ning To BuddyPress WordPress Plugin 1.2.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Password Protect WordPress Plugin 1.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Pay Per View WordPress Plugin 1.4.311/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Pay with a Like WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Popup pro WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Post Indexer WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Post Voting WordPress Plugin 2.2.411/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Pretty Plugins WordPress Plugin 1.5.311/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Private Messaging WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Pro Sites WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Questions and Answers WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Random Theme WordPress Plugin 1.0.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Reader WordPress Plugin 1.2.511/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Recent Comments Widget WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Recent Comments WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Recent Custom Posts WordPress Plugin 2.1.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Recent Global Comments WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Recent Global Posts Feed WordPress Plugin 3.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Recent Global Posts WordPress Plugin 3.0.611/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Recent Network Posts WordPress Plugin 311/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Remember Me Checked WordPress Plugin 1.0.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Remove Email Verification WordPress Plugin 2.4.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Reports WordPress Plugin 1.0.811/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Schedule Selected Content WordPress Plugin 1.2.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Select Language at Signup WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Set Password WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Signup Code WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Simple Ads WordPress Plugin 1.0.611/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Site Categories WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Slide In WordPress Plugin 1.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV SmartCrawl WordPress Plugin 211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Snapshot Pro WordPress Plugin 3.1.86/10/2018Download
WPMU DEV Social Marketing Plugin 1.2.411/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Status WordPress Plugin 1.8.311/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Subscribe by Email WordPress Plugin 3.5.411/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Support System WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Tag Feed WordPress Plugin 3.0.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Terms Of Service WordPress Plugin 1.3.511/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Ultimate Branding WordPress Plugin 1.9.63/16/2018Download
WPMU DEV Ultimate Facebook WordPress Plugin 2.8.211/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Update Services WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV User Activity WordPress Plugin 1.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV User Reports WordPress Plugin 1.111/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Users Widget WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV User Synchronization WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV WHMCS MU Provisioning WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV WHMCS WP Integration WordPress Plugin 1.4.411/13/2017Download
WPMU DEV Wiki pro WordPress Plugin
WPMU DEV Youtube Featured Video WordPress Plugin 1.1.111/13/2017Download

Premium Plugins By Yoast

NameVersionLatest UpdateLink
Yoast Local for WooCommerce9.211/25/2018Download
Yoast Local SEO Premium WordPress Plugin 9.211/25/2018Download
Yoast News SEO Premium WordPress Plugin 9.211/25/2018Download
Yoast SEO Premium WordPress Plugin 9.2.111/25/2018Download
Yoast Video SEO Premium WordPress Plugin 9.211/25/2018Download
Yoast WooCommerce SEO Premium WordPress Plugin 9.211/25/2018Download