Today we are releasing 43 updates to our premium WordPress repository. Full details are as below!

WordPress Theme Update

Array Themes Atomic WordPress Theme 2.2.5
Array Themes Latest WordPress Theme 10.04
Array Themes Lenscap WordPress Theme 1.3.8
Astoundify Jobify WordPress Theme 3.8.5
Astoundify Marketify Marketplace Theme 2.15.0
Elegant Themes Divi WordPress Theme 3.0.106
Elegant Themes Extra WordPress Theme 2.0.105
Thrive Themes Focusblog WordPress Theme 1.300.13
Thrive Themes Ignition WordPress Theme 1.300.13
Thrive Themes Luxe WordPress Theme 1.300.13
Thrive Themes Minus WordPress Theme 1.300.13
Thrive Themes Performag WordPress Theme 1.300.13
Thrive Themes Pressive WordPress Theme 1.300.13
Thrive Themes Rise WordPress Theme 1.300.13
Thrive Themes Squared WordPress Theme 1.300.13
Thrive Themes Storied WordPress Theme 1.300.13
Thrive Themes Voice WordPress Theme 1.300.13

WordPress Plugins Updates

Download Monitor Captcha 4.1.0
Download Monitor Email Notification 4.1.2
Thrive Apprentice 2.0.33
Thrive Architect 2.0.29
Thrive Comments 1.0.91
Thrive Leads 2.0.30
Thrive Optimize 1.0.9
Thrive Ovation 2.0.12
Thrive Quiz Builder 2.0.30
Thrive Ultimatum 2.0.29

WooCommerce Extension Updates

WooThemes Bookings WooCommerce Extension 1.11.0
WooThemes Distance Rate Shipping WooCommerce Extension 1.0.8
WooThemes Dynamic Pricing WooCommerce Extension 3.1.5
WooThemes FreshBooks WooCommerce Extension 3.11.1
WooThemes PayPal Payments Advanced WooCommerce Extension 1.24.4
WooThemes Print Invoices and Packing Lists WooCommerce Extension 3.5.0
WooThemes Product Add-ons WooCommerce Extension 2.9.2
WooThemes Product Gallery Slider WooCommerce Extension 1.4.2
WooThemes Sofort Payment Gateway WooCommerce Extension 1.3.0
WooThemes Stripe Payment Gateway WooCommerce Extension 4.1.0
WooThemes WooCommerce WordPress Plugin 3.3.5
YITH WooCommerce Automatic Role Changer Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.3.4
YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.4.4
YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.0.22
YITH WooCommerce SMS Notification Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.1.8
YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.2.4

How to Update A Plugin/Theme To New Version

To update these items on your WordPress site properly, please follow the quick guide that we put on our Knowledge Base right here.