Today we roll out 58 updates to our premium WordPress repository. Full details are as below!

WordPress Theme Update

Array Themes Atomic WordPress Theme 2.2.2
Array Themes Checkout WordPress Theme 2.0.7
(new) Array Themes Latest WordPress Theme 1.0.5 **
Elegant Themes Divi Premium WordPress Theme 3.0.91
Elegant Themes Extra Premium WordPress Theme 2.0.90
Themify Fullpane Premium WordPress Theme 1.9.8
Themify Shoppe Premium WordPress Theme 1.1.6

WordPress Plugins Updates

(new) EDD - ClickBank Gateway WordPress Plugin 1.3.1 **
(new) EDD - Custom Deliverables WordPress Plugin 1.0.1 **
EDD - Terms Per Product WordPress Plugin 1.0.6
EDD - Variable Pricing Switcher WordPress Plugin 1.0.5
Elegant Themes Bloom WordPress Plugin 1.2.22
Elegant Themes Divi Booster 2.6.5
Elegant Themes Divi Builder 2.0.53
Elegant Themes Monarch WordPress Plugin 1.3.24
iThemes BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin
iThemes Security Pro 4.7.0
Modern Tribe Event Tickets Plus 4.6.2
Modern Tribe The Events Calendar Community Tickets 4.5.3
Yoast SEO Local Premium WordPress Plugin 5.9
Yoast SEO News Premium WordPress Plugin 5.9
Yoast SEO Premium WordPress Plugin 5.9.1
Yoast SEO Video Premium WordPress Plugin 5.9
Yoast SEO WooCommerce Premium WordPress Plugin 5.9

WooCommerce Themes Updates

(new) WooCommerce Arcade Storefront WordPress Theme 2.1.3 **
(new) WooCommerce Bookshop Storefront WordPress Theme 1.0.11 **
(new) WooCommerce Homestore Storefront WordPress Theme 2.0.21 **
(new) WooCommerce Hotel Storefront WordPress Theme 1.0.7 **
(new) WooCommerce Outlet Storefront WordPress Theme 2.0.10 **
(new) WooCommerce Petshop Storefront WordPress Theme 1.1.2 **
(new) WooCommerce Pharmacy Storefront WordPress Theme 2.0.10 **
(new) WooCommerce Stationary Storefront WordPress Theme 1.0.9 **
(new) WooCommerce Toyshop Storefront WordPress Theme 2.0.14 **

WooCommerce Extension Updates

WooThemes Anti Fraud WooCommerce Extension 1.0.13
WooThemes Bookings WooCommerce Extension 1.10.10
WooThemes Composite Products WooCommerce Extension 3.13.0
WooThemes Conditional Content WooCommerce Extension 2.0.5
WooThemes Customer/Order CSV Export WooCommerce Extension 4.4.1
WooThemes Customer/Order XML Export Suite WooCommerce Extension 2.3.1
WooThemes Follow Up Emails WooCommerce Extension 4.6.0
WooThemes Memberships WooCommerce Extension 1.9.5
WooThemes Order Delivery WooCommerce Extension 1.2.0
WooThemes PayPal Express Checkout Gateway WooCommerce Extension 1.4.7
WooThemes Payson Gateway WooCommerce Extension 1.7.0
WooThemes PDF Product Vouchers WooCommerce Extension 3.2.1
WooThemes Product Bundles WooCommerce Extension 5.7.0
WooThemes Returns and Warranty Requests WooCommerce Extension 1.8.8
WooThemes SagePay Form Integration WooCommerce Extension 3.10.1
WooThemes Storefront Mega Menus WooCommerce Extension 1.6.0
(new) WooThemes Storefront Powerpack WooCommerce Extension 1.4.4 **
WooThemes Subscriptions WooCommerce Extension 2.2.16
(new) YITH Composite Products WooCommerce Extension 1.1.1 **
YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.2.8
YITH WooCommerce Customize My Account Page Premium WooCommerce Extension 2.2.5
YITH WooCommerce Order Tracking Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.3.23
YITH WooCommerce Pre-Order Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.3.5
YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.2.8
YITH WooCommerce Request A Quote Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.9.0

How to Update A Plugin/Theme To New Version

To update these items on your WordPress site properly, please follow the quick guide that we put on our Knowledge Base right here.