Today we release 49 updates to our premium WordPress repository. Full details are as below!

WordPress Theme Update

Elegant Themes Divi WordPress Theme 3.0.83
Elegant Themes Extra WordPress Theme 2.0.82
CSS Igniter Agora WordPress Theme 2.8.0
CSS Igniter Amaryllis WordPress Theme 1.7.0
CSS Igniter Brittany WordPress Theme 1.4.0
CSS Igniter Business3ree WordPress Theme 2.0.0
CSS Igniter Corner WordPress Theme 1.9.0
CSS Igniter Femme WordPress Theme 2.8.0 **
CSS Igniter Flevr WordPress Theme 1.7.0
CSS Igniter Herringbone WordPress Theme 2.1.0
CSS Igniter Intrigue WordPress Theme 2.9.0
CSS Igniter Neto WordPress Theme 1.2.0
CSS Igniter Sessions WordPress Theme 1.7.0
CSS Igniter Space9 WordPress Theme 1.9.0
CSS Igniter Suisen WordPress Theme 1.3.0

WordPress Plugins Updates

AffiliateWP Recurring Referrals Premium Addon 1.6.4
AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin 2.1.6
EDD - Amazon S3 WordPress Plugin 2.3.8
EDD - Featured Downloads WordPress Plugin 1.0.3
EDD - PagSeguro Payment Gateway WordPress Plugin 1.4.5
EDD - Purchase Gravatars WordPress Plugin 1.0.3
EDD - WordPress Plugin 2.8.8
(new) Thrive Apprentice 2.0.15
Thrive Architect 2.0.12
(new) Thrive Comments 0.9.2
Thrive Leads 2.0.12
Thrive Quiz Builder 2.0.12
Thrive Ultimatum 2.0.12

WooCommerce Extension Updates

WooThemes Aramex WooCommerce Extension 1.0.4
WooThemes Bulk Stock Management WooCommerce Extension 2.2.10
WooThemes Checkout Field Editor WooCommerce Extension 1.5.7
WooThemes Composite Products WooCommerce Extension 3.12.1
WooThemes Conditional Shipping and Payments WooCommerce Extension 1.2.9
WooThemes Dynamic Pricing WooCommerce Extension 3.1.1
WooThemes Google Product Feed WooCommerce Extension 7.3.0
WooThemes Gravity Forms Product Add-ons WooCommerce Extension 3.2.4
WooThemes Lightspeed POS Integration WooCommerce Extension 1.4.9
WooThemes Local Pickup Plus WooCommerce Extension 2.3.0
WooThemes Order Delivery WooCommerce Extension 1.1.3
WooThemes Points and Rewards WooCommerce Extension 1.6.7
WooThemes Pre-Orders WooCommerce Extension 1.5.4
WooThemes Product Bundles WooCommerce Extension 5.5.1
WooThemes Product Documents WooCommerce Extension 1.7.1
WooThemes Product Vendors WooCommerce Extension 2.1.0
WooThemes Quick View WooCommerce Extension 1.1.9
WooThemes Shipping Multiple Addresses WooCommerce Extension 3.4.2
WooThemes Smart Coupons WooCommerce Extension 3.3.7
WooThemes Storefront Mega Menus WooCommerce Extension 1.5.0
WooThemes Wishlists WooCommerce Extension 2.1.0

How to Update A Plugin/Theme To New Version

To update these items on your WordPress site properly, please follow the quick guide that we put on our Knowledge Base right here.