Today we are rolling out 38 updates to our repository. Full details are as below!

WordPress Theme Update

Array Themes Paperback WordPress Theme 1.7.0
Astoundify Jobify WordPress Theme 3.7.2
Astoundify Marketify Marketplace Theme 2.11.1
Elegant Themes Divi Premium WordPress Theme 3.0.62
Elegant Themes Extra Premium WordPress Theme 2.0.61
Elegant Themes Harmony Premium WordPress Theme 2.4.11

WordPress Plugins Updates

Elegant Themes Bloom WordPress Plugin 1.2.14
Elegant Themes Divi Builder WordPress Plugin 2.0.24
Elegant Themes Monarch WordPress Plugin 1.3.16
Rocket Genius Gravity Forms Help Scout Addon 1.4.2
Rocket Genius Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin
WooThemes Sensei LMS Premium WordPress Plugin 1.9.16

WooCommerce Themes Updates

Elegant Themes Boutique Premium WooCommerce Theme 3.6.8
Elegant Themes eStore Premium WooCommerce Theme 5.1.11
Elegant Themes Foxy Premium WooCommerce Theme 2.2.11
Elegant Themes StyleShop Premium WooCommerce Theme 2.2.11
WooThemes Canvas WooCommerce Theme 5.11.4
WooThemes Galleria Storefront WooCommerce Theme 2.2.12
WooThemes Proshop Storefront WooCommerce Theme 2.0.8

WooCommerce Extension Updates

WooThemes Ajax Layered Navigation WooCommerce Extension 1.4.10
WooThemes Branding WooCommerce Extension 1.0.15
WooThemes Chained Products WooCommerce Extension 2.5.3
WooThemes Composite Products WooCommerce Extension 3.11.0
WooThemes Drip WooCommerce Extension 1.2.7
WooThemes PDF Invoices WooCommerce Extension 3.7.4
WooThemes SagePay Form Integration WooCommerce Extension 3.9.0
YITH WooCommerce Advanced Reviews Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.4.4
YITH WooCommerce Auctions Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.1.3
YITH WooCommerce Best Price Guaranteed Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.1.3 **
YITH WooCommerce EU VAT Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.2.22
YITH WooCommerce Featured Audio and Video Content WooCommerce Extension 1.1.11
YITH WooCommerce Frontend Manager for WooCommerce Premium Extension 1.0.9
YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Shipping List Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.4.17
YITH WooCommerce Pre-Order Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.2.7
YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.1.27
YITH WooCommerce Quick Export Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.0.9
YITH WooCommerce Tab Manager Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.1.25
YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium WooCommerce Extension 1.1.25

How to Update A Plugin/Theme To New Version

To update these items on your WordPress site properly, please follow the quick guide that we put on our Knowledge Base right here.